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Giới thiệu Dây Đeo Bảng Tên Đeo Cổ Tiện Dụng

1.HIGH QUALITY badge holder and lanyard sets -resealable plastic pouch is tear-resistant, keeps content safe and secure; Lanyard is light but strong.
2.Size: Lanyard Length 45cm,Badge Holder 11.2*6.8cm
3.FLEXIBLE AND RESEALABLE LOCK – Keep your cards and employee badges SECURE and DRY.
4.EASY to UNPACK, EASY to ASSEMBLE: Packed neatly, no more tangled lanyards,Lightweight.
5.With sunflower print on the lanyard, very cute and bring people a nice feeling, bot tedious and dull, but full of sunshine, energy.Smile and embrace each day and make one as warm as sunflower.
1 x badge holder
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